1980 Diamond Back Pro

1980 Diamond Back Pro

Believe it or not, when I was a kid, I wanted a Diamond Back BMX, not a Kuwahara… as I saw the older kids riding around with them in the neighbourhood.

As I started collecting around 10 years ago… I came across this all original 1980 Diamond Back Pro but it was in rough shape. I had the frame and forks re-chromed and replaced most of the old parts with identical New Old Stock (NOS) parts to keep it Factory correct. Some of the OG parts like the Ukai Rims and Suzue hubs were in excellent condition so I figured I’d leave them but re-build them with NOS Asahi spokes and nipples. Re-furbished and re-anodized the Sugino cranks and Nagaoka fluted seat post. Everything else.. NOS parts. This build is pretty mostly factory original/correct. Only things not factory correct are the grips, chain and brake cable / housing. I replaced the badly worn out Oakley 1 grips for Tange grips since they are from the same era and look very similar. Plus I wanted to keep it ALL Japanese. The Rad pad set and decals are reproduction.

The Icing on The Cake… The Original “Diamond Back” Stamped Competition II Skinwall Tires in the typical racing Fat/Skinny combo. Factory would have came with Red tires, rather than black, but I thought the black complimented the build. I do have a red set of Diamond Back Comp 2 stamped tires.. which I might mount one day.

Year1980BrandDiamond BackModelProSpecsFactoryConditionShowSerial #01xxxxxHighlightOriginal DB Stamped Tires

Parts List:

FactoryOG Koizumi Frame (Stamped w/ Baseball Symbol) (Re-Chromed)
FactoryOG Koizumi Double Dropout Forks (Stamped w/ Baseball Symbol) (Re-Chromed)
FactoryNEW Diamondback Pro Snake Decals*
FactoryOG Hatta MX-2 Headset (Re-Chromed)
Add OnNOS Suntour Headlock Nut
FactoryOG Sugino Stem ("Diamondback" Stamped)
FactoryNOS Chromoly Handlebars ("Diamondback" Stamped)
FactoryNOS Dia Compe Pre Bent Brake Lever
FactoryNOS Dia Compe 890 Brake Caliper
FactoryNOS Dia Compe Brake Pads
AlterationNEW Brake Cable & Housing*
AlterationNOS Tange Grips (Replaced Oakley 1)
FactoryOG Nagaoka Fluted Seat Post (Re-Anodized) (Original was Red)
FactoryNOS Kashimax MX Seat (No "Diamondback")
FactoryNOS Kashimax Seat Guts
FactoryNOS Kashimax MX Seat (No "Diamondback")
FactoryNOS Suntour Seat Clamp
FactoryOG Sugino "Diamondback" Cranks (Re-Anodized) (Original was Red)
AlterationNOS Suntour MP-1000 Pedals (Replaced MKS Pedals)
FactoryNOS Sugino 44T Chainring
AlterationNEW Chainring Bolts*
AlterationNEW Izumi Chain*
FactoryOG Ukai HE Shineside Box Rims
AlterationNEW Anodized Axle Nuts*
FactoryOG Suzue High Flange Hubs
FactoryNOS Asahi Spokes & Nipples
FactoryOG Suntour 16T Freewheel
FactoryOG Mitsuboshi "Diamond Back" Competition II Skinwall Tires (Fat/Skinny)
Add OnNEW Diamondback "Rad Pad" Pad Set*

NOTE: All parts are N.O.S., Original or Re-furbished in Mint condition unless marked with *