Vintage Plastic.

Ever since I was a child, Radio Controlled cars have fascinated me.  I remember spending my own money on RC buggies back in the 1980’s.  I could only afford the low end toy store grade RCs, but I also was not familiar with the hobby grade RC cars and trucks that I would see in the hobby shops.  The Tamiya RCs like the Lunch Box, Vanquish, Grass Hopper, Fire Dragon, and Avante stood out to me and I would read about them in the magazines.

Fast forward 20 years and I was re-introduced to these iconic RCs.  Now I enjoy building and displaying them as art.  I also run them in our Rajikon Underground RC Club.

My collection consists mostly of Vintage and Re-Release Tamiya 1/10 scale and Kyosho 1/27 Mini-Z RCs.