1981 Mongoose II

1981 Mongoose II Vintage BMX

The Mongoose II. A classic BMX with the iconic honeycomb wheels. A must have in every collection.

Mix of Original, NOS, and refurbished parts.

Icing on the honeycomb… NOS IRC 80x fat / skinny combo skinwall tires.

Year1981BrandMongooseModelIIConditionShowSerial #CA1xxxxxxHighlightOriginal Paint & Decals

Parts List:

FactoryOG Mongoose Tri-Moly Frame
FactoryOG Mongoose Akisu Forks
FactoryOG Factory Decals w/ NEW Fork Decals*
AlterationOG Hatta MX-2 Head Set
Add OnNOS Tange Headlock Nut
FactoryOG Mongoose Double Clamp Stem
AlterationNOS Win Pro Handlebars (Replaced Mongoose Stainless Steel Bars)
AlterationNOS Dia Compe Tech 2 Brake Lever
AlterationNOS Dia Compe MX-1000 Brake Caliper
AlterationNOS Dia Compe Brake Pads
AlterationOG Dia Compe Brake Cable / Brake Cable Housing
AlterationNOS OGK 77-17A Grips
AlterationOG Nagaoka Fluted Seat Post (Re-Anodized)
AlterationOG Tahei Elina Lightning Bolt Seat (Replaced Mongoose Padded)
AlterationOG P.D.N.P. Seat Guts
AlterationNOS Suntour Seat Clamp
AlterationOG Sugino Maxy Cross 3 Piece Cranks
AlterationOG Sugino 44T Machined Chain Ring
AlterationNEW Chainring Bolts & OG Sugino Crank Caps
AlterationNOS SR Custom M Pedals
AlterationNOS Izumi Gold & Silver Chain
AlterationOG Motomag Wheels (Replaced Alloy Box Rims)
AlterationNOS IRC 80x/Z1 Skinwall Tires Fat/Skinny Combo
AlterationNEW Tire Tubes

NOTE: All parts are N.O.S., original or re-furbished in Mint condition unless marked with *