1983 Kuwahara “Cotton Candy” 24

1983 Kuwahara Cotton Candy 24 Vintage BMX

The “Cotton” Candy 24 – Probably my favorite color scheme BMX in my collection and one of the coolest projects I’ve worked on.

A 1983 Kuwahara 24” BMX with the 5” head tube and double thick dropouts. Not to be confused with the Kuwahara 24” Cruisers that they made as well. The Geometry is completely different than the cruiser and totally BMX.

The Original chrome plating on the Tange Japan made frame set is untouched under the custom Candy Blue transparent paint job. When I started this project I envisioned a candy blue paint job but I did not want to ruin the chrome so this was the best solution as I can always remove the paint down the road if I ever chose to.

This build has a lot of stock components on it but in different colors than what were offered from factory. And there are some era correct and reproduction parts on it in order to achieve the look I was going for. Plus this will be my rider this summer, so I had to take those wear and tear items into consideration.

Blue Cheng Shin Comp 3 tires wrap the Pink 24” Skyway Tuff II mag wheels and the Nitto “Kuwahara Laserbars”,are the 24” version being .75” shorter in height than the 20” Laserbars. Of course the width is still 27.75” wide and it’s stamped which is still visible considering the Candy paint on top.

Building this BMX was a lot of fun as I got the chance to stray away from Factory Correct. The NOS Tuf Neck Stem (used on 84 Bravos) in Original pink was a perfect match to the NOS Tioga (Tange) SC-2 seat clamp and NOS Sugino Power Disc in original Pink as well. The Custom blue chrome decals with Pink blended in nicely and wrapping the Elina Aero Turbo seat in Blue Suede was probably the most challenging of all.

And on this build, the icing on the cake, rather than some IRC tires.. has got to be the Custom pink and blue pad set based on the Original 80’s Osaka designs.. and not the newer reproduction styles.

Licensed Factory Correct Reproduction decals by Vintage Steel BMX (@vintagesteelbmx).

Year1983BrandKuwaharaModel24" BMXSpecsCustomConditionShowSerial #T3Jxxxx

Parts List:

FactoryOG Tange Frame (Double Dropout)
FactoryOG Tange TX-Super Fork (#T3)
FactoryNEW Factory Correct Kuwahara Decals*
FactoryOG Hatta MX-2 Headset
AlterationNOS Tange Head Lock Nut (Replaced Suntour)
AlterationNOS Tuf Neck Stem (Replaced Suntour Power)
AlterationOG Nitto "Laserbars" Cruiser Gen. 3 Handlebars (Replaced Gen. 2)
FactoryNOS Dia Compe MX-1000 Brake Caliper
FactoryNOS Dia Compe Tech 3 Brake Lever
AlterationNEW Generic Brake Cable & Housing (Replaced Dia Compe)*
AlterationNEW Kool Stop Brake Pads (Replaced Dia Compe)*
AlterationNEW AME Round Grips (Replaced O.G.K. 77-17A)*
FactoryOG Nitto Straight Seat Post
FactoryOG Tahei Elina Aero Turbo Seat (Wrapped Suede)
FactoryOG P.D.N.P. Seat Guts
AlterationNOS Tange SC-2 Seat Clamp (Repaced Suntour Broken Arrow)
FactoryOG Sugino 180mm OPC
AlterationNOS Sugino Power Disc (Replaced Sugino Spider)
FactoryNOS Sugino 40T Machined Chainring
FactoryOG Sugino Chainring Bolts
FactoryNOS KKT AMX Pedals
AlterationNEW Yaban Pink & Silver Chain (Replaced Izumi Black & Silver)*
AlterationNEW Skyway Tuff Wheel 24 (Replaced Araya 7x Chrome)*
FactoryOG Suntour 18T Freewheel
AlterationNEW Cheng Shing Comp 3 Skinwall Tires (Replaced IRC Racer X1)*
Add OnCustom Kuwahara "Made In Osaka" Pad Set*

NOTE: All parts are N.O.S., Original or Re-furbished in Mint condition unless marked with *