1987 Kuwahara Bravo Team

1987 Kuwahara Bravo Team Vintage BMX

The Radberry Team! Found this Bravo locally with all original stock components but the yellow wasn’t doin’ it for me. I wanted more of the 80’s freestyle colors in pink etc, so I started the disassembly process and took it right down to the individual bearing balls like with all my builds.

Started with the frame set and repainted it with a splatter focusing on pink as the more prominent color. Applied Vintage Steel Factory Correct decals but again, the yellow just wasn’t going to match any of the parts. So I printed only the words ‘Kuwahara’ in a white vinyl and laid it over top of the yellow words. Then I figured I needed a bit of pink on the words so I started laying a pink vinyl over top of the white vinyl and realized that It would look rad with just the ‘Kuwa’ as pink.

Anything that was yellow on the bike had to go pink to match the highlight components of the bike… the minty Radberry Peregrine Master mag wheels! And I never was a fan of the Odyssey gyro and the cantilever brakes in the rear so they also had to go! In their place, had to be the best freestyle brakes in my opinion.. Dia Compe 883 Nippon brakes and in a pink/magenta! However, that ended up being too much magenta and with a lost front Nippon shipment, I only had 1 magenta left, but luckily had a NOS white Nippon brake kicking around, so I swapped the arms around and there you have it.. a white/magenta Nippon brake combo in the front and rear! The rest of the parts are self explanatory and of course, I need either a Suntour or Tange Seiki head lock on all of my bikes so this one got the Tange Seiki.

Usually the icing on the cake are the tires on all of my builds… but in this case, since the tires are reproduction Panaracers (I will be riding this bike).. the icing has got to be the beautiful Radberry Peregrine Masters!

Licensed Factory Correct Reproduction decals by Vintage Steel BMX (@vintagesteelbmx).

Year1987BrandKuwaharaModelBravo TeamSpecsCustomConditionShowSerial #87xxxxx

Parts List:

FactoryOG Anlun Frame w/ Splatter
FactoryOG Anlun Forks w/ Splatter
FactoryNEW Factory Correct Reproduction Decals w/ White overlay (Vintage Steel)*
FactoryOG YST-8201 Headset
Add OnNOS Tange Headlock Nut
FactoryOG Anlun "Kuwahara" Stem
FactoryOG Anlun Handlebars
FactoryNOS Dia Compe Tech 7 Locking Levers
AlterationNOS Dia Compe Nippon Brake Calipers (Replaced Dia Compe 880 & 990)
AlterationNEW AME Round Grips* (Replaced AME Tri Type)*
AlterationNOS ACS Rotor (Replaced Odyssey Gyro)
AlterationNOS Tioga Layback Seat Post (Replaced Anlun)
AlterationNEW Kashimax Handler Seat (Replaced Viscount 2123)*
FactoryOG Peregrine Seat Clamp
AlterationOG Redline 401 3 Pc Crank Set (Replaced Peregrine 180)
AlterationOG Redline Bottom Bracket (Replaced Peregrine BB)
FactoryOG Peregrine Compact Disc Chain Wheel
AlterationOG MKS Grafight-X Pedals (Replaced Victor VP-873)
AlterationNEW Yaban Chain (Replaced KMC)*
AlterationOG Peregrine Master Mag Wheels (Replaced Peregrine HP-48's)
AlterationNEW Panaracer HP408 Skinwall Tries (Replaced Peregrine)

NOTE: All parts are N.O.S., original or re-furbished in Mint condition unless marked with *