1987 Kuwahara Trial KN 24

1987 Kuwahara 24 Trial KN Vintage BMX

The only Kuwahara Trial Kevin Norton left in my collection.

Made in Japan with Tange tubing in 1987 which is rare since all the 20” models went to Taiwan for production in March of 1986. Still a hidden gem that most collectors don’t know about. The bigger and badder 24” Kuwahara BMX with a 5 inch head tube.

Similar geometry to the 1984 Kuwahara 24 BMX but with a longer top tube and cantilever brake posts. Kuwahara and K stamping all around and even came with the stamped Nitto “Laserbars” with the 1/2” lower rise.

However, I wanted this to look full old school so components were swapped and this frame set was customized to mount side pulley old school brake callipers by removing the cantilever brake posts and cable guides.

Icing on the cake as always… the IRC X1 Skinwall 24 Fat/Skinny tires in black!

Custom Reproduction decals by Vintage Steel BMX.

Year1987BrandKuwaharaModelTrial KNSpecsCustomConditionShowSerial ##K7F

Parts List:

FactoryOG Tange Frame (June)
FactoryOG Tange Fork (June)
FactoryNEW Custom Kuwahara Decals*
AlterationNEW Tange Seiki MX125 Head Set (Replaced Hatta Vesta)*
Add OnNOS Tange Seiki Headlock Nut
AlterationSuntour Power Stem (Replaced Nitto MX-7 Stem)
FactoryOG Nitto "Laserbar" Handlebars (Low Rise)
AlterationNOS Dia Compe MX-1000 Brake Caliper (Replaced Dia Compe XC Power)
AlterationNOS Dia Compe Tech 3 Brake Lever (Replaced Dia Compe 183)
FactoryNOS Dia Compe Brake Cable & Housing
AlterationNOS Seiko "Tange" SK-115 Grips
FactoryOG Strong Seat Post w/ Built-In Guts
AlterationElina Aero Turbo Seat (Replaced Ariake "Kuwahara" Padded)
AlterationNOS Sugino GT 180 Cranks* (Replaced Sugino 165)
AlterationNOS Sugino 39T Chainring (Replaced Sugino 24T)
FactoryOG MKS Grafight-X Pedals
AlterationNEW Izumi Black & Gold Chain (Replaced KEC)*
AlterationNEW Skyway Tuff II Mag Wheels (Replaced Araya RM-25)*
FactoryOG Suntour 20T Freewheel
AlterationIRC X1 Skinwall Tires (20x2.125 Front / 20x1.75 Rear) (Replaced IRC Trial Winner Skinwall)*
Add OnNOS Kuwahara "Made In Osaka" Pad Set*

NOTE: All parts are N.O.S., original or re-furbished in Mint condition unless marked with *